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Askari Trade is the only importer of MAX Star laminate with AC5 brand in Iran. The company serves to promote the quality level of products in wooden products, and will make its every effort to attract customer satisfaction.

AT Group has started installing and executing various government and private sector projects by having experts and professionals as a team in addition to direct sale of products. One of the best feature of AT implementation and design team along with having projects consciously executed, is that AT Group offers high quality material at very suitable price.

Vian Atelier (Studio)

Laminated flooring 1059 and 1065 code

Vian Atelier, is one of the most modern studios in Ahwaz, Iran, which is located in Kiang Pars District.

Askari Trade Company

Laminated flooring 1053 and 1059 code

Askari Trade Company Headquarters in Kianpars, Ahvaz.

Arsal Web Company

Laminated flooring 439 code

  Arsal Web Company in Kianpars, Ahvaz. 


Variety in color and design

The use of the latest technology in manufacturing

Hard-wearing, resistant to abrasion and impact

stain resistant

***Water resistant

Innovative Surface Structure

Easy to lay without tools


fade resistant

Stages of construction

Press step

This step is to compress paper, paper laminate and laminate on a MDF sheet, which is used to make the floor coverings.

Punching step

this step is to cut the sheets as much as the size that customer orders. The sheets are cut to the desired size and ready for the next step.

Click step

At this step, the build of laminate clicks is done, with which the customer can easily connect the tiles. The laminate clicks of the Max Star have bee paraffinized that makes it easy to install.

Paraffinizing step

At this step, paraffin is applied onto the clicks by the machine, which makes it easier to install and also makes its strength even better.

Packaging step

At this step, the tiles are packed in order to protect and send to the customer more easily with care.

Product Characteristics

What are your expectations?

Choose a floor covering that doubles your place’s beauty?

The Highest quality

Ac is a rating to show the quality level of the laminate floor covering, which provides durability against scratches from sharp objects, such as the edge of the furniture and the heels of the shoes, heat-resistance, such as heat coming from cigarettes, impact resistance, as well as stability Color of the product subjected to sun exposure over time. AC is the highest level in the quality of laminate flooring. It has a C33 class and can be used for all public spaces with high traffic.

Best technology

E is an environmentally-friendly grade for laminates that specifies the amount of formaldehyde that is used in laminate manufacturing, which is harmful to human health and causes long-term illness. GRADE E1: E1 is the highest level of quality that is ideal for maintaining health and has the least formaloid.

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