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Travertine is a sedimentary limestone that has a chemical structure similar to a spongy structure. It is why the reason that it is used in buildings for decorative purposes. Most of the time, the layers are horizontal or slightly sloping (dependent on the ground surface morphology) in travertine resources, this happens because travertine resources are located in relatively broad areas, such as large mines. Stone travertine resources are young and have few or no fold so that these stones have the capability to be better than other construction stones and travertine plates can be easily produced in various thicknesses and dimensions. The largest travertine resources are in Italy, Iran, Turkey, the United States and Mexico.

Why Travertine is most commonly used in Buildings?

Acceptable strength and stiffness
easy to be polished and cut
Extraction in ideal situations
Having several cracks (formed during the fourth age)
Beautiful and with different colors
Its pores are good adhesion
Relatively inexpensive

Type of Travertine stone

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