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Antique stones are composed of small, broken pieces of travertine stones and binder materials. The use of decorative stones garbles such as travertine, in addition to increasing the productivity of high-quality materials in nature, will result in creating stone products with beautiful and eye-catching designs. Designers and architects use these types of stones for beautification the exterior and interior views of the buildings as well as the landscaping of villas and gardens. The unique physical and mechanical properties of antique stones have led to a significant increase in their sales market in recent years.

Antique stone applications :

As previously stated, because of the use of decorative stones in the production of antique stones, the final product has a unique and exceptional beauty. On the other hand, the possibility to create different designs with different colors has widened the diversity of antique stones. Therefore, the most important sites for the use of antique stones can be summarized as follows:
Interior and exterior design of buildings
Façade of courtyard
Interior design of cottages and gardens
Use on the walls around columns
Decoration of behind the TV
Decoration around fireplace

Type of Antique Stone

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