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Granite is a bright color igneous stone in which its grains are so large that they can be seen with the naked eye (some of the rocks are so fine grained that nobody can see them with naked eye). Granite is formed by slow crystallization of molten material (magma) in underground. Granite stone is mainly composed of quartz and feldspar and in much less amounts from mica (talc), amphibole and other minerals. This combination of minerals usually produces a red, pink, gray or white color (quartz and white talc, white grains and feldspar pink beads), and dark minerals such as black talc (biotite) make up the dark part of the rock, which is visible in all stones.

The most well-known igneous rocks

Granite is the most well-known igneous rock. Many people are familiar with granite, because it is the most common rock found on the ground and is used to make many objects in everyday life, including over cabinets and counters, flooring, pavers, kerbs, stairs, facade and gravestones and memorial stones. Particularly if you are living in a city, you can observe various granite applications.
The term granite is used by sellers of decorative and building stones to build counters, flooring, facades, stairs, tables and other products.
In the stone trading industry, granite is a stone whose grains are visible to the eye and is harder than marble.

Type of Granite Stone

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