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Iran Marble stone is one of the high consumption stone in the world that have lots of quarries in Iran. Iran marble stone is sort of limy so it is not suitable to be used in outer part of the building. They are widely used in inner parts of the construction projects. Iran marble stone has lots of the colors, just like Iran travertine stone. This kind of stone does not have strength of the Iran Travertine group so the price for this stone is much lower.
There are some limy lines in the Marble stone that should be filled with chemical product. The name of the material is epoxy and is necessary to be used to increase the quality of the marble.
Iran marble stone are usually light so they are very suitable to cover the inner parts of the building like floors, steps and the walls.

Benefits of Marble as a facade stone:

1- Appropriate hardness and resistance against fire and erosion
2- Suitable for floors and stairs and internal facades due to their very low porosity
3- Beauty and variety of colors especially in Iran
4- Ability to use in classical and modern views
5- Being erodible and having proper lamination (in stone finishing stage)
6- Lack of porosity

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